Life Cycle Living
Sacred Fire Perth
Perth, Western Australia, AU
May 5-6, 2018

In our race toward progress and increased productivity, our culture has forgotten so much. All life has a powerful cyclic order. Living with an awareness of these cycles aligns us with this natural balance, helping us to lead more connected, empowered lives.

When we adopt this perspective, we discover that life can be easier and more fulfilling than we thought. For example, each stage of our life has an important role to play in naturally producing gifts and opportunities that are readily available, if we understand how to identify them. Ancestral traditions understood this explicitly and worked to maintain this awareness for common benefit.

The Sacred Fire Community is working to reintroduce this awareness so that we and our families and communities can once again benefit from these life currents.

We hope you will join us for this opportunity to explore these invaluable perspectives with Roger and Reyna Menadue — two leaders in the international Sacred Fire Community.


Pricing and registration information are being worked out. Please check future editions of Around the Fire for more information


We will begin on Saturday at 9:30am and go until around 5:30pm. On Sunday, we will resume at 9:30am and end at 12:30pm. Please plan to attend the entire weekend, since we will be moving through a particular format and later parts of our discussion will build on earlier parts.


For more information, contact Phil Roberts:

Roger Menadue is a self-employed business owner who, along with his wife and daughter, has made his home in Alice Springs in central Australia. His devotion to his spiritual life has taken him into the local indigenous community, where he is seen as a trusted member and is able to participate in ancient, sacred ceremonies. He is the leader for the Australian Walk Project, a profound month-long desert journey. An energetic and inspiring person, Roger brings passion to discussions around community, connection and the Divine natural world. He serves as a Firekeeper for the Sacred Fire Community in Alice Springs, and serves as a board member for the international Sacred Fire Community organisation.

Reyna Menadue is a devoted wife and mother to Roger and daughter Rabia. She is very involved in the local Alice Springs community, where she has worked in the Women’s Crisis Centre and has spent a lot of time in the bush with local indigenous women of high degree. The first woman initiated as a Sacred Fire Community Firekeeper in Australia, Reyna serves as a Firekeeper for the Alice Springs community, and is the overall coordinator for the Sacred Fire Community’s Lifeways programs in Australia.