Firekeeper Retreat
Sacred Fire Alice Springs
Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
June 26-30, 2018

Sacred Fire Community Firekeepers of Australia are invited to save the date for our annual Firekeeper Retreat with David Wiley in Alice Springs.

Open to Sacred Fire Community Firekeepers only.




Pricing will be announced in the Firekeeper Newsletter when it has been worked out.

Contact Reyna Menadue to reserve your space.

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Arrival: June 26

Retreat: June 27-29

Departure: June 30


For more information or if you need assistance, contact Reyna Menadue:

Don David Wiley has dedicated his life to restoring people’s connection to Ancient Wisdom and bringing an awareness of the vital role this connection plays in our lives. An initiated tsaurririkame (elder Huichol shaman, or mara’akame) and caporal mayor (elder Nahua weather-working shaman, or granicero), Don David is the founder and chairman of the Sacred Fire Community and Sacred Fire Foundation, which are dedicated to preserving ancient wisdom traditions and making ancient wisdom accessible to people in today’s world.

For more information, visit Don David’s web site, or subscribe to monthly notices from his consultorio.