Fire Speaks: The Sacred Story of Corn
Sacred Fire New Freedom, PA
New Freedom, Pennsylvania, US
August 25, 2018

The Sacred Story of Corn

In this special audience, Grandfather Fire will be requested to tell the Sacred Story of Corn. The original cultures of the Americas recognize a very special relationship between humans and Corn, which is identified with sustenance and prosperity. Hearing the sacred story of Corn will connect us more deeply with the life-giving energies around us.

Fire Speaks: An Audience with Grandfather Fire

In difficult times, an ancient ally is still here to help.
In indigenous cultures, when the need for community guidance is urgent, such as when a situation of great imbalance exists, there exist traditions of an individual being selected for Divine to speak through—so the guidance can be heard clearly.

Now is such a time.
In many original traditions in the Americas, the spirit of Fire is known as “Grandfather Fire.” Since 1999, Grandfather Fire has been making appearances at Sacred Fire gatherings around the world. He has chosen a Huichol shaman, don David Wiley, to be his spokesperson.

In a ceremonial setting, we invite Grandfather to share his guidance.
Grandfather is wise, funny, provoking, and astonishingly insightful. An evening with the elemental spirit of Fire is an opportunity to ask our most pressing questions about the mysteries of life and to deepen our connection with the sacred. Being in Grandfather’s presence can inspire us to manifest deeper courage in meeting the challenges of our lives.


Save the date! We anticipate this will be a very popular event, and pre-registration will be required to reserve your seat. Check back with this page or subscribe to Around the Fire to be notified when registration opens.


Details of the schedule are being worked on. The event is expected to begin in the afternoon and end at midnight (or later!).


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