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2019 Sacred Fire is warming up: Come join us!

Mark your calendars, extend invitations to family and friends, make your travel plans! Fire Speaks and Light up Your Heart events are coming to Santa Monica and Mt. Tamalpais (CA, USA) in March, Asheville (NC, USA) in May and County Galway (Ireland) in June. In addition, Sacred Fire is hosting a Lifecycle Living exploration in Alice Springs (Australia) and a Ukalai Gathering for Women at the Blue Deer Center (NY, USA), both in March. Two more opportunities for Ukilái Annual Gathering of Men are also on the horizon: in Scotland in April and Utah in May. Do you feel called? We hope you will join us.

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With Gratitude for Abundance

Executive Director Larry Messerman stood for the Sacred Fire Community at the December 22, 2018 Prosperity Ritual corn harvest, joining representatives from the Blue Deer Center, Sacred Fire Foundation, traditional Huichol medicine and Nahua Weather Work groups, and the local Tepoztlán (Mexico) Sacred Fire community.

The corn was planted on June 13 with a humble petition for ongoing abundance of resources, wisdom, courage, creativity and joy “so that we may feed the great spiritual hunger of our people.” The harvest was abundant indeed. In addition, those present felt blessed by the presence of a brown scorpion (which is associated with corn) that appeared right by the fire as those present began de-graining. A special thanks goes also to local corn maestro Don Rupert.

Four of the best ears were kept for seed for next year’s planting, and then two of these were exchanged with ears from the other groups. The rest of the good corn was de-grained. Some was roasted immediately and eaten by those present, a happy circle of about 40 people. The rest will be further dried for future eating.

We are extremely grateful for the resources we have been provided, including many talented and passionate individuals who have joined our volunteer staff this past year, and all our generous donors. Thank you!

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Solstice Fires: Honoring the Rhythm of Nature in Community

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, the natural rhythm of the seasons is leading toward the Winter Solstice, the longest night, on December 21. On the same day, those residing in the Southern Hemisphere will experience the Summer Solstice, the longest day. The world over, humans have used these seasonal milestones as an opportunity to reflect on how the rhythms of nature also live within people. The darkness marks a time for slowing down, for stillness and introspection, for assessing and for mending things. Gradually, with the movement toward the Spring Equinox, new seeds (physical and metaphorical) are planted and then, at Summer Solstice, there is a celebration of what has and is coming to fruition in our lives. At the Fall Equinox the harvest is celebrated and the process of letting go begins as humans once again move toward a period of rest. What is the season where you live and how you will you both align with and celebrate it?

Many Sacred Fire communities around the world will be marking this time of the year with a special Solstice Fire. If you can’t find a fire near you, invite a group of family and friends to participate in a thoughtful way to honor the rhythm of your lives.

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Visualizing Heart

In the coming year, we’ll be rolling out a fresh new look for Sacred Fire. We’re developing a new web site, brochure, and other materials with a fresh content and approach. In doing so, we’ve articulated guidelines for visual and written style to help us bring forth an expression we hope will better meet the world where it is and make the gifts of Fire we have been given accessible to a larger audience.

We’re looking for someone with graphic design skills who will help us draw out this direction into the many materials we create to support Community Fires, Fire Speaks events, Lifeways programs, Around the Fire articles, and more. All we ask for is a vision for elegance and beauty, familiarity with image editing tools, and a willingness to work and learn with others.

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Discover Your Inner Strength in Challenging Times

In today’s complex, ever quickening world that promotes superficial ideals and is quick to discard authentic relationship, how can a woman or a man navigate the minefields that threaten their most vulnerable selves?

What IS it to be a good man in today’s world? How can a man’s innate action-oriented nature be expressed in a way that serves himself, his family, his community, and ultimately, humanity as a whole? What IS it to be a woman in today’s world? How can a woman honor her creative capacity and nurturing qualities and still have a career path or seek a position of leadership? If she elects to be a stay-at-home mother, providing a safe harbor for her loved ones in the storms of life, will she feel respected…by herself and by others?

Gatherings of men among men and women among women, guided by elders who offer embodied life experience as well as timeless ancestral wisdom teachings, provide an important container for exploring these questions. Sacred Fire has a strong track record in offering these opportunities, with Men’s and Women’s Retreats available again in early 2019. Is it time to gather and deepen your wisdom of who you are? Give yourself the gift; healing and inspiration await.

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Voices of Wisdom returns to Asheville, NC

The Asheville, NC (USA) Sacred Fire community is delighted to once again host Voices of Wisdom, a special wisdom-sharing event sponsored by the Sacred Fire Foundation. Coming up November 15-16, this promises to be a particularly valuable opportunity to observe the engagement between Wanbdi Wakita and Pahan Pte San Win, a couple that is committed to helping humans return to right relationship with each other and with the natural world.

Enjoy this brief wisdom sharing by Wanbdi.

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Fire Speaks returns to Olympia, WA (USA)

Kah Kah! Do you hear Raven calling? The patron totem of the Olympia, WA (USA) hearth will be offering welcome to a large circle of attendees at the October 6 Fire Speaks event this coming weekend. It’s not too late to join them. Registration closes October 4. With a fall harvest to celebrate, and a nip in the air, it’s a perfect time to build the warmth of community and receive wisdom from Grandfather Fire.

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Seeking a Finance Manager

Someone who understands the nature of Fire. Is not afraid of money. Understands money. Likes details and lists.

Hi, This is Susan Skinner. Jennifer Weise and I have been running the finance area of the Sacred Fire Community organization for over 8 years. Regrettably, Jennifer now needs to move on to devote more time to other responsibilities in her life, and this leaves me in critical need of a partner.

I’m looking for someone with good organizational skills and facility with numbers to take on Jennifer’s role as Finance Manager. Any bookkeeping, accounting, business, or organizational background would be extremely helpful. Knowledge of Quickbooks is a plus, although we have a separate Quickbooks manager.

The main thing you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to help. This is a volunteer position and usually takes around 2-4 hours per week. It’s a needed role and a practical way to help us in our work to bring Fire and Heart to the world.

If you’re interested, please write me directly.

Thank you!


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Learn to trust yourself, your body and the mystery of life

There is a natural stage in a young woman’s life, around age 16-25 years, when she begins to prepare for the deeper growth that leads to adulthood. Sacred Emergence is a rite of passage designed for young women who are ready to take this natural and transformative leap to commit to living a purposeful life as an adult. Initiation provides a container to address the natural impulse of self-discovery through a sacred rite of passage supported by experienced elder guides and staff.

Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Adulthood for Young Women is being offered in Summer 2019.
Applications are now available.

Application deadline is January 15, 2019.

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Initiation into Adulthood: An online webinar and discussion

On Thursday evening August 23, 2018 at 8 pm EDT (GMT -4:00), David Wiley and Deanna Jenné, representing the joint Men’s and Women’s Initiation Council, will host a free webinar to offer information and answer questions about the important process of initiation into adulthood for young men and women.

Mark your calendars to participate in this key discussion regarding our future generations, led by these two traditional wisdom keepers. If you know of young people or families who might be interested, please invite them.

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Registration Now Open for Fire Speaks Olympia

The Olympia, Washington (USA) Sacred Fire community is delighted to once again host Fire Speaks. Registration is now open for the October 6, 2018 event. This will be the first appearance by Grandfather Fire at this hearth since the spirit of Raven was invited to take residence in November 2017. At that time a beautiful Raven totem pole was ceremonially installed to offer wisdom and protection to the local community.

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Sparks: Coming Soon

Around the Fire

Around the Fire is the newsletter of the Sacred Fire Community and is published once or twice a month as needed.

If you’re new to Sacred Fire, here are three ways to learn more:

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